Big News! And a warm welcome!

If you’ve already stumbled on the About section in the last 24 hours, you will be aware of some big changes for Spectrum Bloggers Network!

Hannah: I was approached by a friend I met at university on my exchange year. She asked how she could get involved with the Network. She was recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and Dyspraxia while at university and has been doing her bit to raise awareness. I knew that I would like to expand the network in the next few months, but was worried about just how much time it was going to take, so I jumped at the opportunity to bring in an extra pair of hands from a very good friend that I know will help push the blog to its full potential!

So please welcome Tamara to the Network! She’s already suggested some fantastic new ideas that I hadn’t even thought of! Hopefully you’ll all see the benefits very soon 🙂

Tamara: Nearly a year after being diagnosed, I started to see updates in my various social networks about the work Hannah had been doing with Spectrum Bloggers Network and, needless to say, felt very impressed! One of the primary methods of coping I utilised was in reading about the experiences of others on the spectrum – it helped me to place my growing identity as an adult with AS in a secure context, and supported by an accepting community. It goes without saying that I think that Spectrum Bloggers Network is a fantastic resource, one that I hope I will play a part in and provide a significant contribution in the development of!

For more information on who we are and what we hope to achieve, head to the About section!


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