Looking for help

Well it’s been almost a year since I last posted on here. It got too much for me to keep up with the blog without any help. I would really love to get this blog back up and running again, but I am looking to find some people to help out. If you are interested, please leave a message in the comments. Thank you.


Newsletter 15th September

Greetings all!

Well it’s been a very quiet week this week. There were NO nominations for Blog of the Week, which is very disappointing. Remember, if there’s a blog post that you’ve loved during the week you can nominate it and it will appear as if by magic in the newsletter. All bloggers nominated will be put forward for Blogger of the Month towards the end of this month. So get nominating!  Read the rest of this entry

Newsletter 9th September

Hello all,

Been a very quiet this week for Spectrum Bloggers Network. We have no new blogs this week. There have been a couple of nominations for Blog of the Week though! So please take your time to check them out! Remember, all blogs nominated for Blog of the Week will be put forward to a vote for Blog of the Month! So make sure you nominate your favourites!

This month we will be raising money for the Dyspraxia Foundation! Find out more information on how to donate, head over to the JustGiving page! https://www.justgiving.com/SBNSept2014. Voting for next months charity is underway on the Spectrum Bloggers Facebook Group, so if you are part of the Network, make sure you have your say on who we’re donating to in October.

Cheers folks and remember to keep nominating your favourite blog posts!

Newsletter 1st September

Hello and greetings to you all,

Wow! It’s September already! Where has this year gone?

If you haven’t already seen, there is a brand new section to the page! Blog of the Week! This is where you can nominate your favourite blog post of the week! So get reading around our huge network of blogs and tell us what your favourite post was! You can nominate more than one post, but you cannot nominate your own blog or you will forfeit your blog post.

https://spectrumbloggers.wordpress.com/sbn-blog-of-the-week  Read the rest of this entry

Newsletter 28th August

Hello all and welcome back,

It has been a while since the last newsletter! My last few months have been absolutely chaotic with graduation from university, moving house and looking for work. However, I plan to get Spectrum Bloggers Network back up and running and gaining the support it had before my unplanned break.  Read the rest of this entry

Spectrum Bloggers Network Fundraiser

Each month bloggers from the network are voting for a charity to support via the JustGiving website. For September, we will be raising money for the Dyspraxia Foundation! To donate head over to the JustGiving page:


You can donate as little as £1 online or via text! Text to SBNS77 £1 to 70070 to sponsor today (UK only).

Thank you.

We’re back!

My sincere apologies for the gap in blogs! I have been moving house and looking for work and haven’t had a chance to update any of my blogs. I have a few new blogs to add to the page and get everything back in order and ready to go once again!

Thanks for your patience and continued support.


Hello again!

Greetings to you all!

I once again am apologising for the lack of blog posts on the page. I graduated this Monday and have been looking for work and somewhere to live before I have to move at the end of this month. It’s all been very chaotic!

I am going to try to catch up with a few bits and pieces this weekend before I give you a full update.

Thank you all for your continued support! Keep checking out the blogs we are linked to!!!


Update 18th June 2014

Hello all,

Apologies again, life keeps getting in my way at the moment with finishing uni, needing to find a job and preparing to move house!

I would like to propose something to our bloggers on WordPress though (I may extend this to other bloggers when I have more time for receiving emails).   Read the rest of this entry

Topic Tuesday: Dyslexia and Me – Dyslexic Duck and Autistic Anatidae: Adventures into Quackery

The latest response to this weeks Topic Tuesday comes from Dyslexia and Me. Dyslexic Duck and Autistic Anatidae: Adventures into Quackery talks about miracle cures which seem quackers!