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Looking for help

Well it’s been almost a year since I last posted on here. It got too much for me to keep up with the blog without any help. I would really love to get this blog back up and running again, but I am looking to find some people to help out. If you are interested, please leave a message in the comments. Thank you.


Big News! And a warm welcome!

If you’ve already stumbled on the About section in the last 24 hours, you will be aware of some big changes for Spectrum Bloggers Network! Read the rest of this entry

A Brief Update

Greetings to you all!

Just a quick update on Spectrum Bloggers Network. One of our bloggers brought it to my attention that there is a cross over with some of the different SpLDs and so it was going to be difficult to place their blog into the network. I know myself that I have dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome and it has been suggested I may have dyspraxia too. So what I am doing now is placing blogs that cover more than one SpLD into all the categories that they cover. It has meant the addition of Irlen Syndrome too as I know that not all people with Irlen Syndrome have another SpLD tied with it. Read the rest of this entry

Spectrum Bloggers Network: Blogging across the SpLD Spectrum

Spectrum Bloggers Network Blogging across the SpLD Spectrum

Greetings to you all! Thank you very much for checking out Spectrum Bloggers Network!

I created this blog to try to bring together as many blogs on specific learning difficulties as possible in the hope to raise awareness and also to inspire! I started blogging about my experiences with dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome two months ago and found it quite difficult to promote amongst the hundreds of fashion, make-up and lifestyle blogs across Twitter and Bloglovin. I noticed on a friends blog on her experiences with Fibromyalgia and IC that there was a network of bloggers on the Fibro Bloggers Directory and thought that it would be great if there was something similar for dyslexia! Read the rest of this entry