Newsletter 28th August

Hello all and welcome back,

It has been a while since the last newsletter! My last few months have been absolutely chaotic with graduation from university, moving house and looking for work. However, I plan to get Spectrum Bloggers Network back up and running and gaining the support it had before my unplanned break. 

There have been a number of new blogs added to the network to check out! I will be looking to bring in more bloggers too, so if you blog about any of the issues we cover or know someone who does, then please join us by filling in the form at the bottom of each topic’s page.

We are also now fundraising for various charities who will be voted for by bloggers on the network via our Facebook group! September we will be raising money for the Dyspraxia Foundation and you can find out more details about the charity and how to donate on the JustGiving page:

I am hoping to bring in an award for the best blog post of the month at the end of September! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and would really like to set the wheels in motion. I’ll give further details on this ASAP!

Here are the newest blogs added to the network. Please take time to visit the different pages!

Asperger Syndrome
Blogger with:

  • Aspie Minister –
    ‘The struggles of a minister with Aspergers. How does having Asperger’s impact my ministry and my relationship with God?’

Blogger with:

  • Therapist on the Spectrum –
    ‘A therapist recently diagnosed on the spectrum struggles to integrate the personal and the professional.’

Support blogs:

  • Use Modmath –
    ‘Information about a new iPad that helps kids with dysgraphia compete their math assignments without writing out equations longhand.’

By parents of:

  • A Year of Homeschooling –
    ‘My daughter and I both have Dyspraxia. My daughter also has sensory processing issues and dyscalculia. I wonder about ADHD for both of us! I talk about this and more in my blog.’

I also had a submission for a non-blog page! I will be looking into creating a new form for those wanting to add support pages to the network if the bloggers on the network are happy to expand.

Non-Blog Support Pages



  • Dyslexia Sydney Support Group –
    ‘A support group for dyslexics, parents, teachers, tutors and others wishing to share and learn information about dyslexia and it’s treatment. A place to seek advice and support!’

Thank you all so much for the continued support over the last few months. I am very sorry it has taken me a while to get myself back in order. If you want to follow me directly for updates on the network via Twitter you can find me under @DyslexiaAndMe or you can follow on Facebook:


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