Update 18th June 2014

Hello all,

Apologies again, life keeps getting in my way at the moment with finishing uni, needing to find a job and preparing to move house!

I would like to propose something to our bloggers on WordPress though (I may extend this to other bloggers when I have more time for receiving emails).  

I know there are a couple of blogs where they have guest bloggers. If anyone on the network is interested in featuring as a guest blogger on their specific learning disability topic, that would be an awesome way to discuss different sections of the spectrum, raise your profile and help me out with content for the blog at the same time.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please leave a comment below.

Thanks all!


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    • Thank you. I thought about it last night because I am so busy I just cannot keep up with everything I need to do. At least this way there will be some content from people for those signed up to read 🙂

  1. Although my blog is on blogspot, I do have a WordPress account, as I have used the service before. I’d be willing to blog an entry or two about dyslexia and/or SPD.

    • Awesome! I was extending it out to WordPress people only so I can stick people easily onto the list and then I can quick scan/edit rather than checking emails and posting and reading and… Maybe once things are more on track I will extend it out to other people, but if you have a WordPress account already that’d make it easier for me!

  2. Would love to guest blog – dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, visual sensativity.
    I do vlog with my daughter and post on Youtube so could do a vlog instead or as well if you like.

    My daughter has expressed a wish to bog about her recent experiences with dyspraxia and anxiety and AS levels. Is there a minimum age?

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