Topic Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we are going to set you a topic or word to discuss on your blogs that are linked to Spectrum Bloggers Network. Having seen many other blogs taking part in similar ideas, I thought it’d be a great idea to get people blogging and get some free promotion out of it!

So what do you need to do?

First of all, you need to be part of Spectrum Bloggers Network to take part in this. This is a way for us to raise awareness and promote our bloggers and for our bloggers to promote us. You will need to blog about the set topic whether it’s written, a video, through photography or art, or whatever medium you use on your blog. You need to tag up Spectrum Bloggers Network (mutual promotion) in your tag section. If you do not tag us, we won’t share the blog post on the page (this has to be a two way thing for it to work). You don’t have to link to the page just tag Spectrum Bloggers Network. Once you have posted it up online, leave your links in the comments section below and we will add them up onto the page as they come through.

You have a week to blog on the topic of the week before we move onto the next, so you’ll need to share it with us before the next Tuesday! Any posts submitted on the following Tuesday or later will not be shared on the page (even if it’s the greatest post ever written). It doesn’t have to be long either. It’s your blog, so do things the way you would normally do it!

Topics are open to YOUR interpretation for example, an egg. An egg could represent; Easter, fried with bacon, the start of life, what came first the chicken or the egg, dinosaur embryo fossils, etc. Let your imagination run wild with this rather than seeing it as something that limits what you can discuss. You could even just take a photo of an egg and post that up if that’s what you do on your blog.

  1. A blog about challenging behaviour; Anger, Violence and Destruction from The Jigsaw Tree. Thankyou! 🙂

  2. Thank you. Sorry, I think my brain went on holiday! Here’s the link to my blog, i forgot to attach it. It’s fine to save it for next week though, if it fits better.
    Helen x

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