Dyslexia, or developmental reading disorder, is characterized by difficulty with learning to read fluently and with accurate comprehension despite normal or above-average intelligence. This includes difficulty with phonological awareness, phonological decoding, processing speed, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, language skills/verbal comprehension, and/or rapid naming.

Dyslexia is the most common learning difficulty and most recognized reading disorder. There are other reading difficulties that are unrelated to dyslexia.

Some see dyslexia as distinct from reading difficulties resulting from other causes, such as a non-neurological deficiency with vision or hearing, or poor or inadequate reading instruction. There are three proposed cognitive subtypes of dyslexia (auditory, visual and attentional), although individual cases of dyslexia are better explained by specific underlying neuropsychological deficits and co-occurring learning difficulties (e.g. an auditory processing disorder, an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a visual processing disorder) and co-occurring learning difficulties (e.g. dyscalculia and dysgraphia). Although it is considered to be a receptive language-based learning disability in the research literature, dyslexia also affects one’s expressive language skills. Researchers at MIT found that people with dyslexia exhibited impaired voice-recognition abilities. Interestingly, a study published online (and in the July issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics), reported a genetic origin to the disorder, and other learning disabilities, that could help lead to earlier diagnoses and more successful interventions.’
Source: Wikipedia

Blogs by those with:

  • Alternative Wiring – http://alternativewiring.blogspot.com
    ‘As a dyslexic writer with connections to others in the neurodiverse world, I wanted to spread positivity and good info about various learning differences. That’s what this blog is for.’
  • Author Intrusion – http://author-intrusion.blogspot.co.uk
    ‘Thought and comment from author Rod Duncan on writing, film making, creativity and dyslexia
  • Diverse Learners – http://Diverse-learners.co.uk/blog
    ‘The whole team at Diverse-Learners have experienced: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ASD and/or mental health issues personally and within their family. This is a collection of thoughts and experiences from the team and students at Diverse-Learners.’
  • Dyslexia and Me – http://thedyslexicstudent.wordpress.com
    ‘Trials and Triumphs: A Lifetimes Experience with Dyslexia and Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. (New blog every Sunday. Interesting articles every Wednesday.)’
  • Dyslexic Anon Blog – https://twitter.com/anon_dyslexic
    ‘Well I guess my blog is more a p-log – I add simple/quick pattern designs all though I like to promote Dyslexia and other volunteer causes sites out there. I also touch on hobbies too, writing, making things and design. Share and share alike.’
  • Fuzzy Thinkers – http://www.fuzzythinkers.co.uk
    ‘Forty three year old mother of two young boys who was identified with dyslexia and Irlen at the age of 40. My Dream: to offer practical support to parents of dyslexic children. Collating the views of dyslexic children and their parents via my website.’
  • Kate Murray – http://kate0murray.wordpress.com
    ‘A dyslexic trying to survive in the writer’s world now that the masters is finished; short stories, memoirs, poetry and flash fiction.’
  • MyDyslexicBlog – http://MyDyslexicBlog.wordpress.com
    ‘MyDyslexicBlog tells the story of my life with dyslexia and dyspraxia. I offer support and advice for others as well and talk about my views on a number of topics. I do my best to give motivational boost by telling my story so openly and honestly outlining all my difficulties and set backs but also outlining all I have achieved to date in life.’
  • My tips and techniques blog – http://needtosay.weebly.com
    ‘Monique writes top tips blogs in order to help people like her achieve their full potential in life.’
  • She’s Off Again – http://shesoffagaindiaryofastudentnurse.blogspot.co.uk
    ‘Third year student mental health nurse, blogging my experiances of nurse training. Dyslexia and Dyspraxia are thrown into the mix for good measure :)’
  • Thinking Out Of The Box – http://thinkoutsideofthecardboardbox.blogspot.co.uk
    ‘A blog based on personal experiences surrounding dyspraxia and dyslexia in a neurotypical world, raising awareness of these issues and advice for others going through similar and looking at the positive attributes surrounding them too.’
  • Unique Dyslexic – http://sdyslexia.blogspot.co.uk
    ‘My life with dyslexia its ups and downs it’s joys and it’s struggles. I am a dyslexic dyslexia specialist and have a very positive attitude towards dyslexia and neuro difference.’

Blogs by parents of:

  • Annie’s Lessons: My Dyslexic Learner – http://dyslexiclearner.wordpress.com
    ‘My goal is to give Annie, my dyslexic learner, the best methods that allow her to work around her dyslexia, not hide from it; but learn how to use and develop skills in a positive manner. I wonder if dyslexia is a learning disability, or a teaching disability for those who learn differently.’
  • Blessed Are The Cheesebrains – http://www.blessedarethecheesebrains.com
    ‘Blessed Are The Cheesebrains is a blog about my experiences as the wife and mother of dyslexics. ‘Cheese brains’ is the term that my husband and daughter have coined to describe themselves – the idea being that their brains are constructed and work differently to mine (and could be said to have holes in them!), but that they’re equally good, if not better than the ‘standard-issue’ brain.’
  • DyslexicAndUnstoppable.com – http://www.dyslexicandunstoppable.com
    ‘DyslexicAndUnstoppable.com offers free tools and strategies to help kids with dyslexia succeed at school, while also offering them hope and encouragement to succeed at life.’
  • See the Beauty in Dyslexia – http://www.seethebeautyindyslexia.com/blog.html
    ‘Discover the Genius: 1 in 5 people are dyslexic. By seeking the beauty in dyslexia we uncover strengths and discover the complexity of the way each individual’s brain is wired, unleashing hidden potential; for the betterment of each individual and collectively to better our society.’

Support blogs for:

  • Decoding Dyslexia VA – http://decodingdyslexiava.wordpress.com
    ‘Decoding Dyslexia Virginia is a grassroots movement focused on linking families to resources, support, and educational interventions for dyslexia. We aim to raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support their children and inform policy-makers on best practices of identification, remediation and support for students with dyslexia in Virginia.’
  • DrMichaelHart.com – http://doctormichaelhart.com
    ‘My name is Dr. Michael Hart. I’m all about protecting and empowering children and adults who have led lives of confusion and sometimes even desperation due to learning issues. I have spent over 25 years teaching people how to explain how their brains are wired in a way that is humanizing and not pathological.’
  • Geniuswithin blog – http://www.geniuswithin.co.uk/blog
    ‘Strategies to support neuro diversity in a wide range of topics, written by an experienced strategy coach.’
  • Turning Around Dyslexia – http://turningarounddyslexia.com
    ‘The goal of my blog is to share about the successful strategies I use w/my students. Also, I search and provide & link to the best solid LD sources, websites & research for easy access. Dyslexia Awareness is important in our country to help change the direction & lives of children with Dyslexia or other language-based LD toward a future of success & self-confidence in reaching their potential.’

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