Spectrum Bloggers Network was created to bring together bloggers from across the internet who discuss and raise awareness for specific learning difficulties (aka SpLD).

When dyslexic university student, Hannah Thomas, began blogging her experiences with dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome, she soon became aware that blogging about SpLD topics was a niche market that was difficult to promote. After coming up with a Twitter hashtag of #spldbloggers, she decided that there had to be a better way to bring together bloggers who were sharing their experiences of SpLDs to support and inspire others with these conditions. She had seen other awareness blogs for fibromyalgia with ‘Fibro Bloggers Directory‘ badges on them, so decided to create a similar idea for SpLD bloggers. Spectrum Bloggers Network was born!

Despite her mother raising concern with her schools, Hannah wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until she was 25 when she decided to go back into education. She blogs about her experiences of the education system and tries to raise awareness for adults with dyslexia.

The blog started with 7 key sections of ADD/ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Autism, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. Within these sections the blogs were split into bloggers with an SpLD, parents of those with an SpLD and blogs supporting SpLDs. Within two weeks of Spectrum Bloggers Network‘s creation it had attracted attention from various bloggers across the spectrum and two new SpLD topics were added to include Irlen Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder.

As the network expanded, a friend from university enquired how she could become involved and it was agreed that the two of them joined their efforts to expand the project even further!

Tamara Malone had neared the conclusion of her bachelor degree when she was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and Dyspraxia. She immediately conducted a mountain of research into these conditions, primarily Asperger’s, in order to better understand the unique struggles associated with the Syndrome and became highly interested in reading about the experiences of others on the spectrum. She is now working in the fundraising office of a local Autism charity, and has worked in the past as a writer and editor in university media.

  1. If I might make a suggestion, could you consider combining the categories of Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Although there are many people who have a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, since DSM-5 it has been dropped as a diagnosis distinct from Autism. Despite my blog title I personally identify as autistic.

    • I have met a number of people with Asperger Syndrome who would not identify themselves as Autistic but are aware of the Autistic Spectrum. I think there needs to be a better understanding of each individual diagnosis especially if someone has just been diagnosed and is feeling a little bit lost with it.

      It’s similar with the different ‘dys’ learning difficulties. I have dyslexia but I also have scotopic sensitivity syndrome and it was suggested I had some symptoms of dyspraxia too. Dysgraphia is also one that will cross over with a lot of people with dyslexia, but you don’t need to have one to have the other.

      • I decided that I would change things around and now put blogs that cover more than one topic in more than one tab. Thank you for raising this issue πŸ™‚

      • I understand where you are coming from. Especially as a first port of call for people researching, or faced with a new diagnosis, it will help to have both.

        I’ll do what I can to support this site: it’s the first one I’ve encountered that covers such a range of learning difficulties and I hope it will be very successful, providing information and reassurance to parents and those affected.

  2. I was diagnosed Aspergers but refer to myself mostly as Autistic.

  3. Hello, I changed the address for my blog (already listed vcdale.wordpress.com) I couldn’t find anywhere to update that so I put in a new “join” request. Not to drive you crazy, I know you are busy right now – the new address is takestep.wordpress.com – sorry for the confusion/bother.

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