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Newsletter 15th September

Greetings all!

Well it’s been a very quiet week this week. There were NO nominations for Blog of the Week, which is very disappointing. Remember, if there’s a blog post that you’ve loved during the week you can nominate it and it will appear as if by magic in the newsletter. All bloggers nominated will be put forward for Blogger of the Month towards the end of this month. So get nominating!  Read the rest of this entry


Newsletter 9th September

Hello all,

Been a very quiet this week for Spectrum Bloggers Network. We have no new blogs this week. There have been a couple of nominations for Blog of the Week though! So please take your time to check them out! Remember, all blogs nominated for Blog of the Week will be put forward to a vote for Blog of the Month! So make sure you nominate your favourites!

This month we will be raising money for the Dyspraxia Foundation! Find out more information on how to donate, head over to the JustGiving page! Voting for next months charity is underway on the Spectrum Bloggers Facebook Group, so if you are part of the Network, make sure you have your say on who we’re donating to in October.

Cheers folks and remember to keep nominating your favourite blog posts!

Newsletter 1st September

Hello and greetings to you all,

Wow! It’s September already! Where has this year gone?

If you haven’t already seen, there is a brand new section to the page! Blog of the Week! This is where you can nominate your favourite blog post of the week! So get reading around our huge network of blogs and tell us what your favourite post was! You can nominate more than one post, but you cannot nominate your own blog or you will forfeit your blog post.  Read the rest of this entry

Newsletter 28th August

Hello all and welcome back,

It has been a while since the last newsletter! My last few months have been absolutely chaotic with graduation from university, moving house and looking for work. However, I plan to get Spectrum Bloggers Network back up and running and gaining the support it had before my unplanned break.  Read the rest of this entry

Spectrum Bloggers Newsletter 2nd June

Hello again! I’m almost back on track with Spectrum Bloggers Network and the things I needed to do. There is a massive list this week of blogs that cover all of the spectrum. I’m also starting to step up advertising for other bloggers to join us once again, so please feel free to spread the word!

We’ve been discussing on the Facebook page how difficult it is for me to link all the latest blogs every week! One suggestion is that blog posts are nominated each week (though not nominating your own blog) so that we are all checking out each others pages. If all nominations came in by the end of the week, there could potentially be a vote for the top 10 blogs that week to feature in the newsletter. It would also potentially make it easier for handing out a ‘blog of the month’ award based on which blogs have sparked the most interest and again making my job easier and for your blogs to gain higher readership. Any thoughts on this idea?  Read the rest of this entry

Newsletter 21st May

Yes, it’s my final year and exams so behind again with the newsletter. Only one new blog joined the network this week, so please keep spreading the word and I will get on a promo spree soon to try to bring in more bloggers. So please check it out: Read the rest of this entry

Newsletter 12th May

Greetings to you all! The newsletter is back this week! I’m very sorry I ended up missing a week, but my dissertation for university was due in on Thursday so it took priority over everything else. So there is a whole list of new blogs that have been added in the last fortnight for you all to check out!!!

Read the rest of this entry

Newsletter 28th April

Sorry a very quick newsletter this week with the blogs added before the weekend. I’m trying to get my dissertation in for university at the moment, so I promise that we’ll be back on track next week. No time to add all the latest blog posts either I’m afraid.

Please check out the awesome new blogs that have signed up!  Also check the latest section, Pathological Demand Avoidance. Read the rest of this entry

Newsletter 21st April

Sorry I’m a little bit late in posting up the latest newsletter this week! Essays and dissertation for university at the moment is taking priority.

There are a few new blogs this week joining us in the network which are listed below. If you missed the big news yesterday, head here:

Things will be a little more organised in a couple of weeks, promise! Until then, check out the newest additions to the network this week and all the new blog posts at the bottom! Read the rest of this entry

Newsletter 14th April

Well this week has been absolutely fantastic! Spectrum Bloggers Network has grown in size a lot faster than I initially expected! There has been quite a buzz on Twitter, so a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who has been discussing and spreading the word!

Since originally starting the blog I have added in another couple of sections of Irlen Syndrome and more recently Sensory Processing Disorder. If you are a blogger discussing a learning difficulty that hasn’t been mentioned you can register under ‘other’ and say in your description what you are covering. I started with the difficulties I was already aware of, but am sure I am probably missing out a fair few. The more awareness we can raise as a group, the better!

New blogs in the network this week. Please note that blogs that cover more than one SpLD will appear in more than one section. Read the rest of this entry