Topic Tuesday 3rd June

Back on track for this week! The last challenge was set two weeks ago and covered the topic ‘Children‘. The responses to this was as follows:

Alternative Wiring – Child to Adult: My Dyslexic Writing Story
Blogging Astrid – Growing Up with Undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome
The Jigsaw Tree – School Refusal in children with ASC’s 

This weeks topic is: Quacks.

Please remember to put ‘Spectrum Bloggers Network’ into your tags/labels or it won’t be posted onto the page. Mutual promotion is key to raise awareness for all! And remember that you have a week to write your blog and post it up in the comments below for us to share on the page!


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    • Haha, I liked this cause you picked up instantly on the two things that keep crossing my mind on this. I’ve two ideas on what I want to write about and I am torn as to which to give the most coverage to 😛

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