Topic Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

Sorry folks, a few days behind because of exams looming over my head. Going to start with Topic Tuesday and will post the newsletter up asap too!

Last weeks topic was ‘Spectrum’ and there were three responses to this:

The Spectrum of Dyslexia –
My Dyslexic Spectrum –
What are the Autism Spectrum Conditions? –

This weeks topic is: Children.

Please remember to put ‘Spectrum Bloggers Network’ into your tags/labels or it won’t be posted onto the page. Mutual promotion is key to raise awareness for all! And remember that you have a week (well just under a week now) to write your blog and post it up in the comments below for us to share on the page!


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  1. Hi Aine

    its Helen @ the jigsaw tree.

    i will try my best with this weeks blog, but i am currently stressing out trying to get my family ready to go on holiday on Fri afternoon this week. no time to pack… argh!

    Don’t think badly of me if i don’t manage it, i will be right back to blogging after our hols.

    if i manage to write on holiday, i will tag up as usual.

    Thanks and sorry. Helen Xx

    • Hi Helen

      Topic Tuesday is entirely optional for extra promotion to your page. If you’re busy then it’s not a big deal, it’s just a bit of fun rather than a commitment πŸ™‚

  2. No worries! School is stressful and takes priority!

    Here’s mine –

    (I put the Spectrum Bloggers Network in the tags right away this time. πŸ˜‰ )

  3. This is a great topic. Here’s y contributiton: By the way, may I suggest you ask participants to link back to the topic Tuesday post rather than include the tag? I mean, the tag won’t take you to the netwrok blog especially on those using Blogger, and it is pretty meaningless to those who haven’t heard about the network. Linking back will give people direct one-click access to the network and the topic Tuesday post should they want to participate. I have linked back to this post on my contribution (of course I’ve also included the tag, but I use many tags so I’m thinking people won’t notice it).

    I finally got it written! Thank you for being patient with me!. Helen x

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