Bastrop Daily Enterprise: Bastrop High School and Morehouse Jr. High students learn bullying is not okay (ADD, ADHD, BEH, dyslexia and dysgraphia)

April 30, 2014

Students at both Bastrop High School and Morehouse Jr. High attended assemblies this week where bullying was the topic of discussion.

Keith Deltano drew on his background of working with youth in various roles as well as his own personal experiences as a child who was bullied to engage students in a conversation regarding various ways of bullying. He also teaches them how to stop and overcome the effects of this serious problem. Deltano was labeled with ADD, ADHD, BEH, dyslexia and dysgraphia and was bullied because he was “different.” Instead of letting his learning disabilities dictate his future, Deltano overcame, attended college and became a teacher.

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Have you experienced bullying because of a learning difficulty? How did you deal with it? Has it left a lasting impact? Please share your thoughts and relevant blog links below.


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